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Families & Childcare by skiNorway

the family skiing holiday experts

From living, working and raising a family in Norwegian ski resorts, our skiNorway experts have first-hand experience of just how welcoming and family friendly Norway is. Whether you are a family new to the slopes or have been skiing together long enough for the children to overtake you, we believe that Norway is the epitome of family skiing.

Complimentary Childcare

At skiNorway we understand all the elements of a fantastic family skiing holiday, which is why we’re pleased to once again offer complimentary childcare services in Trysil during the February half term and Easter school holidays.
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As well as our exclusive childcare, most resorts offer excellent childcare facilities on and off the slopes for a very reasonable price.

Your Ski Schools

Ski instructors in Norway are passionate about skiing and are fluent in English, allowing them to really communicate the details and even more importantly, the enjoyment. Our exclusive ski schools are designed by us to fit with your family. They are taught by experienced instructors of appropriate ability and experience for each group, and the adults and children's lessons are synchronised for ultimate ease and peace of mind. Available in February half term and Easter school holidays.
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Your Accommodation

Arguably one of the most important aspects of your skiing holiday, our accommodation has been hand-picked by our experts to make your family holiday as easy as possible. From ski-in/ski-out locations to in-house play rooms, bowling and swimming. Whatever you’re after and whatever type of family you are, we have something for you, speak to us today for personalised suggestions from our specialists.
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Your Slopes

Skiing in Norway is a family orientated institution and all our ski resorts have fantastic beginners' areas with easy access, wide, open slopes and careful monitoring for safe skiing all around. Once your little ones have outgrown the beginners' area they will find plenty to do to keep even the keenest skier entertained. As well as graded snow parks you will find time trials, slalom courses and ski-cross courses throughout the resorts. If you're unsure of which resort will suit your family one of our experts will be more than happy to offer suggestions.

Your Activities

With skiNorway, family fun doesn’t end on the slopes. As well as your fantastic accommodation facilities there is a great choice of additional activities, from exclusive husky sledding trips, to star gazing and horse sleigh rides. See individual resort pages for a full list of what's available or speak to us today for personalised suggestions.

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